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Andean Hammock

Product image 1Andean Hammock
Product image 2Andean Hammock
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Crafted with care, this elegant hammock hangs ready for you.  Whether you hang it in the backyard, take it to the lake, or anywhere else, this hammock's sturdy construction will ensure blissful rest and relaxation.

*Every hammock comes with a drawstring carry bag for storage and easy travel.

*Hammock stand not included

Approximate Dimensions: 110 inches (length) x 43 inches (width).  Note that the length is measured from the end of the ropes on each side.  The hammock bed (i.e., the part where you lay) measures approximately 85 inches in length.

Material: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic

Please note that our hammocks, as with all of our products, are not mass produced; they are made with care by our talented artisans.  This personalized manufacturing process may result in slight imperfections as well as slight size and color variations.  We believe these variations and imperfections add to the authenticity of our products and are a breath of fresh (Andes Mountain) air in a mass produced consumer world. 

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